Malane had the privilege of mentoring over 300 women in a sacred circle organization. Take 7 minutes to listen to 20 women share who she is and how she has contributed to their lives.

“I had the opportunity to participate in a 90-day Activate U Now coaching program with Ms. Malane Shani. I had a lot of hurt and misunderstanding from my past and Malane helped me to identify those things and to gain power over them by being curious and looking more at myself and what it was that I was doing to bring forth those thoughts, treatments and behaviors from others. I had such a great break through within those 90 days. I was able to resolve my issues from my past or to at least be more authentic with myself and as a result, others accepted me for who and what I am and embraced me even more. I was also able to find my purpose in the midst of my training because I was being trained to be authentically myself and that my tribe would find me and they have. I can now be a blessing to others by helping others to be their best selves. I have my first book being published, my business programming will expand and I have an amazing team that is working with and supporting me. I was featured on a Television show helping another young lady be her authentic self, which helped to turn her life around and all of this spurred, by me working with Malane. It was in me, but I was freed to use who and what God had already given me to help someone else. Thank you Malane for being transparent with me by not saying what I wanted you to say, but what needed to be said to help free me. You allowed me to see myself and who I really am, and now I can live more freely, lovingly, and abundantly by being authentically me.” – Carol R.





“When I first began my coaching with Malane, I was knee deep in my stories of low self-worth, confusion and depression. My life is completely transformed and looks nothing like it did six months ago. I have experienced transformation from the inside out with her compassionate and commanding coaching. She has lovingly guided me back to the truth of who I am. I am forever grateful.” – Khadija A.




I have coached with Malane for 4 years now, working with her both 1-on-1 and in classes & workshops. All I can say is that my life is forever changed. I came to her first to deal with the grief of losing my mother 2 months prior. I continued to work with her as I shifted into full-time entrepreneurship, dated and entered into relationships, and as I ended one business and created another that was in better alignment with my authentic self. She was with me along the ride offering trusted guidance and holding up the mirror for me to really begin to see myself in all of my beautiful glory. She helped me learn how to really love and honor myself, and to create the life that I deserve. I am forever grateful.” – Telicia G.





“My experience being in Malane Shani’s mentoring, coaching and classes has been phenomenal and life-changing! She helps me to become aware of my thoughts, feelings and behaviors and gives me simple tools and techniques I can use to change or shift them, if I want to. She is so loving, compassionate and kind throughout the mentoring/coaching process and I never feel judged. She is dedicated to her work and shows up in excellence, no matter what she is doing or who she is doing it with. She is the absolute epitome of an educator, teacher and coach. There are truly not enough words I can use to describe the impact she has made, and continues to make on my life other than life-changing! If you are looking to go to the next level, change or heal something in your life, or just get to know yourself better, Malane Shani is the #1 expert and guide you need to go to.” – Amber S.





“Coaching with Malane has been an asset to my life. She has guided me in recognizing the things that have been holding me back. Before I began The Malane Shani Experience I was very numb to the things that were going on inside of me and consumed with what was going on around me. Since I started coaching I have gained more confidence, self- love, and self awareness through the concept that “Everything begins and ends with me”. If you are seeking someone whom will help you uncover you shadows, hold you accountable and coach you thru it with compassion, Malane is the coach for you.” – Alexia M.




“I’ve been coaching with Malane for over two years now, and the transformation I’ve seen in my life has been amazing. I used to be paralyzed with fear in every aspect of my life, but my self-love and confidence have increased incredibly! Malane pulls from many different healing modalities–she finds whatever can work best for you. She also keeps healing SO simple and has helped me realize that it doesn’t have to be so difficult all the time. Anyone can change their life if they’re willing to. Malane has been an amazing guide and has helped me increase my income, heal physical ailments, and confidently create the life I want to live. She’s an amazing life coach and teacher!” –  A. B.





“The Malane Shani experience is for those who wish to know and trust their authentic selves. She has an open-hearted, very loving and no-nonsense approach with her clients. Life-altering transformation is assured for those who do the work.” – Felicia H.





“Phenomenal choice if you desire to connect with your true Authentic Self. Malane powerfully moves from a heart-centered space, that is felt in every capacity. She offers loving support as She guides you while allowing herself to be guided and lead by Spirit. Seeking a transformative experience; look no further! Give yourself permission to heal and align yourself with a Spirit certified, heartprenuer who can guarantee her work, when you trust and allow. I am deeply grateful for my journey leading me to the presence of the Beautiful being, Malane Shani!” – Lashannon A.





“Over the last year I’ve made monumental shifts in my life. As a man, I’ve gained a greater understanding of what my feminine essence is and how powerful it is in supporting myself and others in a kingly way. I’ve uncovered and healed trauma that I didn’t know was there with the guidance of Malane, and I’ve released that unnecessary weight so that I can continue to fly to new levels of growth and manifestation. Everything in my life has up-leveled from my relationships, business partnerships, career, and most importantly the relationship I have with myself and aligning to who I AM. I’m forever a space of awe and gratitude for the level of love and support I’ve received and continue to receive from Malane in becoming and living into the GOD King that I AM!” – Shaka S.





“Just finished doing a Clearing with Malane, I really appreciate it. We did a lot of clearing work, it was an awesome experience, I had a sisterhood experience in the circles. Malane was awesome. I recommend anyone who is interested in doing any type of clearing, clearing out memories or things that are no longer serving them, to take this course.” – Melia H.

“This was excellent. The world will be a better place since I’m in it in a different way, and I would recommend this to any and everybody. It makes a big difference, and I thank you.” – Dante M.

“I would recommend everyone to take this class, it is beyond words. It’s beautiful. If you want to be changed and just your authentic self, this is the place you need to be. Because I walked in one woman and I’m walking out the woman I’m supposed to be.” – Dewanna W.

“I have just attended the Clearing Goddess workshop and it was awesome. I can say that I feel lighter and I know that I released and I am free. I can’t say that I feel like Harriet Tubman but she was on her road to freedom and I am on my road too.” – Benita B.

“I came here to the Clearing Goddess, this class to release some of this stagnant energy that will not let me move forward and I have definitely done so. So if you have any types of issues that you need to get out, come on down. Get it done by the end of the year.” – Shayna B.

“I just completed Malane Shani’s Clearing Goddess workshop, it was amazing. I left with a really peaceful experience; I released so much energy I don’t even think I knew was trapped in me, now I just feel lovely. That’s it, there’s almost no words for how peaceful I feel, it’s just calm and a really great deep breath out.” – Telicia G.

“I just completed Malane’s Clearing Goddess workshop. I have to say, I feel a lot better. I feel that there’s always someone in my corner. They know my story, they were able to understand even better and I want to thank Malane for having a place for us to come. It was so amazing to see all of us with the same story and we’re all strangers. So I do thank Malane for that.” – Susette E.





“I came into the program honestly expecting the same thing I had been through in other programs that I’ve taken. And what I mean by that is, consume a bunch of information, file it away, walk away like “oh, I know it so magically my life is going to change.” And because I had that mindset when we first started going through the tracks, I made a choice to be confused because that’s how my mind was set up, was consume it, file it, magic. And as time went on, when I was forced to sit and look at each area of my life–how was I connecting with spirit, how was I connecting with myself mentally, how was I connecting with people that I love in my life, relationships, then I began to see how everything that we were learning came into play real-time and in a real way as opposed to up in my head, it really became about what was here in my heart. That’s my biggest takeaway, it’s like integration in an authentic way.” – Khadija A.





“This wonderful lady, Malane Shani, has been in my life going on 5 years. I met her when I was in the shelter. In the beginning I gave her hell I was so angry but she pushed right back and made me break my wall I had up. She made me go deep in myself to find what was really going on. I’m a pusher I push everything down until there’s no more room then boom. She never gave up on me and for the ones who know me know how I can be! I love this lady as if she was in my immediate family. I realized I have slacked up on a lot of me things and it might be why my depression has been a little more frequent lately. Anyone who feels they can’t talk about things, in a bad place in life, needs some loving but eye-opening truth or are completely happy with where you are I encourage you to join.” – Nicole A.





“I’ve just completed this amazing retreat that was facilitated by Malane Shani. I’m telling you, two immaculate days of transformation where I was able along with 11 other goddesses to reveal myself to myself. It was deep work, it was intensive work but all well worth the effort that we put into this, where we heal in community together. Now as we leave, we move out into this world bringing our visions to full fruition. If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, this is where you want to be. Peace.” – Tracey K.

“I am at the completion of an amazing women’s retreat that was facilitated by Malane Shani. This retreat was so amazing, it was some major healing that was done here and it was some life-changing moments. The women here reflected one another’s truths, we were able to support each other in not just our healing but being able to go out into the world to do the work that is needing to be done. Not just in our personal lives, but to be able to impact others in the community and in the world. Not only am I grateful for this opportunity, but I would like to encourage others to be able to open up their minds and their hearts to be able to do this type of work because it is very much needed in the world. Thank you so much.” – Alkebulan F.

“This was the first adventure that I was on at this retreat. I mean, it was so powerful. I came for the clearing but I got so much more. Malane Shani was the representative here and I tell you, this was a great place for women to connect, it was a great place for women to be empowered. I feel so much more empowered to go back home, go back to my community and fulfill my purpose and the vision I have for community and also my self-worth. It was a great, great time. Thank you.” – Noni W.

“I have just completed A New Dawning Women’s Retreat, facilitated Malane Shani. One thing that I got from it so far is that Malane said that change can happen overnight, it’s our resistance to it that can stop us from making the transformation that we want to, and what I’ve seen here at this retreat is transformation and change in everyone. Like, everyone looks–they have a glow to them, they seem freer, lighter than they were on the first day and this is only the third day. And we all bonded and connected so strongly, I feel like I’ve known these women for my entire life and I will continue to have a relationship with them. This is so, so powerful and is a testament to show that really, true change can happen at any point, it can take place over a very short period of time as long as you’re willing and open, and this has been an amazing, amazing experience and I’m very grateful.” – Amber S.

“I’m here at the end of the New Dawning Women’s Retreat with facilitator Malane Shani. And I just want to say that this was a life-changing event and I came in with the expectation of giving my all and putting everything out and that’s exactly what I did and I got back everything I put in, is what I got back. So if you are ready for change and you’re ready to receive, and you’re ready to put it all out, then this is the place for you. Thank you so much.” – Alexia M.

“It’s Sunday April 22nd and I’m here in Georgia, Lake Oconee. I’m with a group of beautiful women, 12 in fact, I’m the only man here. And I’m the chef for this spiritual healing retreat and it’s been more than a spiritual healing retreat, it’s been an opportunity to look within myself and how being able to provide the sustenance for these 12 women has allowed me the ability to love them through my menu. And that was an effort to bring to this spiritual healing retreat, some spiritual food. So I thank them. And I just want to say that this is going to be an outgrowth of a spiritual healing effort taken up by Malane who heads up this spiritual healing retreat. I want to thank her and everyone else for the opportunity to provide them with spiritual food and protection.” – Makakuvu B.

“I didn’t really know what to expect for this retreat, I really thought it was just going to be like a reality tv show and in a sense, it kind of felt like that at times but it’s totally unscripted, it’s raw, it’s honest, it’s vulnerable, it’s pure and it’s really just people here to do the work and love each other and grow together. And this retreat will offer you all of that and more, just anything you wish, this is a good start.” – A. B.

“I cannot tell you how much this retreat has replenished and restored my life, just meeting the women and the energy and seeing how they came in on Friday and the closedness or the openness that they thought that they had and the expectations that they had or didn’t have and watching them slowly go through the transformation, bridging with each other, reaching out to support each other, learning about each other and sharing, and oh my God, all the crying. The purging that we did was beautiful and magical and powerful and I would give everything to be here again. Transformation Sunday, today, was beautiful. Just to see the smile and the glow and the difference in each woman and how she came on Friday as opposed to Transformation Sunday where she had gone through either personally or by osmosis through another sister, the understanding that they have or the openness to understanding and the acknowledgement that there is a path and we do have a choice and to not choose is a choice. And it’s okay. Thank you Malane Shani. Thank you for allowing the space and the opportunity to grow, to learn and to experience this. I highly recommend if you haven’t already attended one of these retreats that you come open, come ready. Because they’re going to give you everything that they have, they leave nothing on the table. And so it’s up to you to make a choice, choose wisely. Peace.” – S. W.

“I am so excited to be at the retreat, the New Dawning retreat this weekend. It was amazing, it was life-changing, Malane Shani is the bomb dot com, she did a amazing job. She has transformed lives this weekend and we look forward to having another one here in this beautiful mansion on the lake; it’s just amazing. So I look forward to another retreat with you all and thank you for making a difference in my life. I honor you.” – Felicia P.

“Hello everybody, I just wanted to say that we just finished this amazing women’s retreat, it has been transformational for me. I am always going to be thankful to Malane for putting this together. It’s been a journey that I had no idea what it was going to be but actually coming out from this, I feel like something huge has been transformed. But the most amazing part is that the best is coming because this is something that once you say yes, it resonates with you and you can carry on forever and the sisterhood that was created here, the alchemy that we created together and the process of sharing love and vulnerability and really exploring what being a woman is, the femininity that we all share as women is something that I cannot even explain in words. I’m always going to treasure this moment for the rest of my life and always remember that magic is always possible when we agree on it. So thank you, thank you all of you the 11 sisters that were here, thank you Malane.” – A. G.





I learned from Malane Shani about letting go and allowing people to love me and support me, it’s amazing. I’m not cured but I’m still learning. The energy, the spirit, the realness is what I love. Thank you, come again!” – Rashida S.

“Okay, so this was great for me because there were things that I was dealing with and already knew about myself but Malane Shani was able to really put a mirror in front of my face and allow me to see the issues that I had and I can move forward and elevate now, so thank you. And I definitely highly recommend this work.” – Latoya R.

“I am the owner here of Unique Naturals Hair Salon, we did a coaching and teambuilding session with Malane Shani and it was absolutely wonderful, we can see the complete difference. It’s changed from the beginning of the session to the ending and it’s been really supportive, I’m going to give you an update as well but this was a very great experience that we had for me and my team and I’m really excited about the future.” – Latoya M.

“I want to thank Malane Shani for coming to help us, help us with our business. We appreciate you, we learned a lot and we believe from this day forward we’re going to be a better business, better individuals, because of you. Thank you so much.” – Tina C.

“This has been a phenomenal experience. I was really, really nervous when I first came in, I didn’t know what to expect but I feel really, really light. I feel free. I feel ready to conquer the world what I love. And I truly appreciate it, I was really tearing. And I appreciate it all.” – Ele J.

“My experience today, at first when I came in, I had a little attitude about whatever and now my spirit just feels open and the exercise is probably what did it, I was just listening and then when the exercise happened it just changed my whole spirit, it just changed the vibration. So I’m going to actively work on changing the things that I feel like I need to change within myself which I learned from Malane Shani. So it was really great, I would tell anyone to try it if they’re having trouble with anything.” – Fefe

“So this experience was nothing short of amazing, I saw a lot of my team members get stronger through the exercises that we did. I learned to look at situations and see how I can use that for myself and not only just for self but how I can take that into the world, into the workplace, wherever I go. It was very eye opening, I’m very appreciative, very grateful for this experience. I’m so happy that my team members were receptive and open to trying something new, and I  thank Malane.” – Milli H.





Tonight I had a Meetup discussion about Anxiety and Depression. I have been dealing with anxiety for some time now and I cover it up very well…I think ..until last week.. that thing came and hit me real hard…I thought I was losing my mind.. for real!! What I am sooo thankful for is the support system I know I have.. I just need to reach out more…sooo last minute I planned this Meetup to have the discussion about anxiety and depression and I want to thank Lashannon A. for last week’s encouragement to get on a lineage call… I thank Malane Shani for saying these words during the call that turned me around: “Are you a victim in action or a creator in action?” I know I AM A Creator in Action that right there saved me during that moment of being on the brink!! We have the power to choose and I chose. I AM SO GRATEFUL. Peace & Love. – Gloria H.





“I can honestly say that when I registered for the I Am Master Teacher course, I had no idea what to expect from the course other than transformation. Now having gone through the class, transformation doesn’t even begin to cover what this course has provided me. It is so clear that this course is entirely spirit-led because each week, we leave class vibrating higher, seeing life and ourselves differently, and feeling connected to and guided by spirit in ways I, personally, have never experienced before. We are pushed each class to expand our thinking, expand our self-trust, and expand the possibilities of our natural gifts and intuition. Malane Shani creates a sacred space for us each week in which I feel held, loved, supported, and safe enough to stretch and grow into the understanding and knowing that I AM Master Teacher.” – Telicia G.

“Hey there, this is Dante, and I want to tell everyone what I’ve gotten out of the I AM Master Teacher class. I am better for this world; I am able to do what I never thought I would be able to do and that’s to grow into something that is magnified beyond belief, and it’s been because of this class and working with Malane. I have found my purpose and I’m living in that purpose. I’m living in the life that I have created.” – Dante M.

“With Malane’s teachings, I have become more aware and clear about my own feelings. I have also experienced a lot of changes in my daily life and I am getting better results thanks to these workshops. These sessions have given me the tools and the flexibility to shift my perspective and be able to relate to my emotions from a different angle, to be fully present to all the conversations taken place in my head, and to know that thoughts only exist because I have created them, so the same way I can change them. Owning this allow us to tap in a new concept of abundance where there are no limits for us, only those that we have created for ourselves. There is no limit on the wealth we can create in our life.” – M. O.





“This experience was great, I must say I really enjoyed the different activities. I have received the empowerment that I came into this looking for. Everything made lots of sense. I am very grateful.” – Dr. Chandra W.’s Team

“I came in a little defeated and drained. I had a lot of self-defeating thoughts about my job performance and during our session with Malane I’ve learned I can replace and cancel those thoughts out with words of prayer using statements and words of affirmation. I learned that Dr. W supports and cares for her staff and we all are capable of so much more then we gave ourselves credit for. Thank you!” – Dr. Chandra W.’s Team

Malane’s workshop had changed my perception of myself. I learned to do a deeper soul search and figure out why I see the world the way I do. Ultimately, I learned that my perception is based on my love for myself. You should also learn to accept your humanity, embrace it, and grow.” – Dr. Chandra W.’s Team

Malane Shani Global Empowerment has made me realize so much about myself and made me understand things I need to work on, in just a short period of time. I can only imagine how life changing things would be if I had the full boot camp! Definitely worth it!” – Dr. Chandra W.’s Team

“Wonderful experience!! Didn’t have any idea of what I was getting into however, I must admit it was all worth it. I feel empowered and ready to “push through” situations and circumstances that come my way!” – Dr. Chandra W.’s Team

Malane’s radiant positive energy has a way of bringing out a part of yourself that you might not know is there. A little time with them is empowering and emotional and makes you want to push yourself towards visions you thought were impossible. Thank you!” – Dr. Chandra W.’s Team

“Today’s group activities help me learn more about myself and the people around me. The tools I gained from this experience I will use for the rest of my life. I’m thankful I had this chance to grow.” – Dr. Chandra W.’s Team




“I can now recognize the negative thoughts and work to turn them around. This has increased my confidence enormously, and I’m much more self-aware now. The new information gifted to me through the program allowed me to focus on my own actions VS being judgmental of what others are saying and doing. For the first time I can see myself as someone who can make an impact on this world. Her gentle guidance and strong support has led me down a path pointing me to the exact place I needed to be. ( finding myself ). This work has allowed me to heal years of conditioning, fear, self-doubt, over confidence, dishonesty and being detached from my emotions. She had faith in me when I had none in myself! She showed me how to have faith in myself and I am a new man because of it. Until I met Malane I was conditioned to be cold hearted& shut down when it came to my feelings. Now I realize that my emotional state needs to be stronger than my physical body in order to be the man I was called to be.” – Jeremy J.





“It is a true honor to have the opportunity to express how much life coaching with Coach Malane has changed my life for the best. I had an initial session with her that changed my life. I was originally excited about what would happen as I began this coaching process, however, I was also a little concerned about whether or not I would like the Real Me once I found her. After expressing this concern to Coach Malane, she laughed and told me that I would LOVE the real me and… I do!!! I love me more than I have ever loved myself in the past. I have become an example of the work I put into coaching and have recently been told by several friends that I had not seen in a while that I am glowing. They can see the changes in me by just looking at me and I love the changes. When I met Coach Malane I was ready to change my life and grow into the authentic person I am meant to be. I am so thankful to be a part of life coaching. So thankful!” – Brigette S.





Malane Shani has a unique gift for transforming individuals and organizations with invaluable life practices and methodologies that deliver elevated results. I am grateful for the opportunity to have directly benefited from her awesome abilities.” – Melody D.





“Through my experience in the Activate U Now Life coaching program, I stepped into my courage to leave an old way of struggle and anger behind, for a new way of freedom and ease to live my natural joy!” – Linda B.





“The Activate U Now Life coaching program has helped me to grow from being “a wallflower” to a woman of passion, purpose and inspiration for myself and others that I now coach.” – Felicia H.





“Through my experience with Coach Malane, I have had life-changing results. Malane’s technique and intuitiveness have supported the removal of destructive and unprofitable behavior patterns and put me on a path to realizing my goals. Malane is always there to support and answer questions when I encounter obstacles.” – Michael M.





“I began coaching with Malane Shani during a time when every step forward felt like eight going backwards. I was scared to open up to anyone and ask for help. I wanted help but I didn’t want to do the work on myself. Through her persistence and love, I have done my work and found my authentic self. I am so much more aware of my abilities and talents. My sessions with Malane have not only helped me to move forward but those in my immediate family and my village of supporters.” – Lois A.





“I can’t say enough about Malane’s intuitive understanding of being authentic and living in your truth. She has helped me manage my energy by living my natural design and properly fueling my intentions. I now live my life more in the natural state of being and less by the conditioned expectation of others. For that, I am truly grateful!” – Brian D.





“Once I began working with Malane it seemed like a dark fog I was walking around in lifted. I was able to drop the pretentious facade that I had been maintaining my entire life. Malane helped me understand my life purpose and take active measures to ensure that I live my life authentically. I began to realize that I had never been my true self in this world; hence everything prior to this was not me. I had become too dependent on someone else to validate my self-worth. Since beginning my authentic lifestyle, I have never been happier and healthier. While I have undergone a few more life transitions for the good I look forward to many more. I truly understand that everything happens in a divine space and time and the transition goes smoother when I sit back and let life flow.” – Angela F.





“When I came to the Activate U Now program, I was at my wits end. Although I had all of the makings of success, I felt incomplete on the inside. I have always considered myself a life-long learner, so you can imagine, I had read countless self-help books, listened to motivational CDs and participated in several forums/conference to help identify and fill the void that was so prevalent in my daily existence. I had gotten to a point where I was willing to accept that I was just meant to live out my life in this way. In response to a conversation I had with God, I somehow stumbled upon Malane and the Activate You Now program. I spent 12 intensive months in coaching and it has honestly changed my life. Though the journey has sometimes been VERY difficult to travel, I feel like I have finally reconnected with that side of myself that has been left unloved and unattended for many years. I reconnected with the authentic “me”. Through coaching, I began to recognize that I didn’t really know myself so I could not completely love myself. This lack of love lent itself to an inability to trust myself or my higher power thus providing a great deal of anguish in my life and in some of my relationships. The coaching program provided me with a lot of useful tools, on-going support and most importantly, it taught me how to live authentically. Now, instead of waking each day with a feeling of uncertainty, I feel at peace, joyous and loved. I learned how to love myself from the inside out rather than seeking it from external sources (i.e., family, relationships, material possessions, daily conditions). By coincidence, today, a gentleman wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day with the hope that “I get everything that I want”. Before I could think about it, I said to him, “I already have everything that I want”. Wow! Even I could not believe my response but it’s true. While I still have much work to do, I have a strong foundation on which to build and the tools to carry with me on my journey. There is nothing more pleasurable than the inner stillness that is brought about by a sense of knowing. I know now that I am enough – just as I am…I am loved. Thanks Malane!” – Tracey K.





“From the first day with Malane until today, my life has made a 180-degree turn. Malane has been such a great help to me in navigating my previously smoggy and pot-hole-ridden road to one of more clarity and far less stumbling… :-). Through her coaching, I can now say I am better able to see my purpose and know exactly how to proceed on my path. Thank you so much Malane! You have made the difference!” – April H.





“I’ve been seeing a life coach for about 6 months now. Her name is Malane Shani. I call her my “homegirl, priest, shrink” She is all that wrapped into one! She’s amazing and since seeing her I’ve made so many great changes in my life and business. Many of you who follow my progress, know how fast things have been rolling with me over the past few years. Being able to channel God’s energy and presence coupled with the knowledge and wisdom of someone who’s pulling from the same energy is absolutely awesome! I had the pleasure of attending a vision board workshop with Malane over the weekend and it was really great. We had a lot of great activities going on there and it was truly an awesome experience. If you’re ready to truly move your life into a new direction, I really encourage you to sign up for this workshop. The bible says “Write the vision and make it plain” and that’s just what we did at the workshop.” – April B.





“Malane, you and your R.I.S.E. ministry have inspired me in so many ways, when I was feeling so much hurt you have made me feel and believe that it is okay to be myself and to have goals and aspirations for my future. Some truths you shared were hurtful but sometimes change is uncomfortable. It was truly a pleasure to step out of my comfort zone with you. God bless you Malane with every happiness and success that his infinite grace and mercy will allow. I love you and thank you for letting your light shine on me. Smooches!!!!” – Allison R.





“I have been blessed with meeting Malane and having the great opportunity to work under her life-coaching style. For years I searched for someone who had so many incredible qualities as Malane. Her wisdom, discernment and intuition has assisted me in overcoming my own limitations and to become the authentic manifestation of who I truly am. Now I am on a journey full of unexpected and wonderful results, and in the most magical and exciting quest I could have ever expected. I will always be grateful for having this incredible opportunity in my life and for the growth, the life-changing process and for all the tools she has given me, which will stay with me forever to use any time I need them. Thank you Malane!” – A. G.



“With the Master teacher workshop, Malane has led us to a new level of transformation. Her concise care in every activity has guided us to find the truth that lays for each of us and for the collective. In only two hours, she offers you the space in where you are called to gain the wisdom through a simple but yet profound experience. She offers you a window to tap into a quantum experience where time and space dissolve because you get to be in a multidimensional timeless space in where you acquire, in a synchronistic way, the wisdom that would usually take years. As a master teacher, you are set in a journey in which you are going to encounter your reflection over and over again to gain light into your shadows and conquer the way to your pure and divine heart in where our most authentic truth resides. With the master teacher training, you are given a road map to your own personal powers certainly applicable to anything you do. You will understand how to manifest your own reality and how to guide others in doing the same. Your new experience of support is going to create the foundation in where you can respond to others with unconditional support provided to you all the resources that support you. The Master teacher training gives you the opportunity to operate from a place of full integrity creating leadership based on setting the tone of your own environment and on becoming clear about your intentions. Always allowing ourselves to become the vessel for spirit to guide us in everything we do.” – A. G.





“It was really helpful to have someone to talk things out with in regards to where I’ve been and where I’m headed. Having a life coach has helped clarify what I want and need in my career and personal life. It has been a blessing to have an objective observer who can point things out to me that I might be too close to see in myself. Malane has empowered me in every aspect of my life. With the tools that she has given me, I am able to speak much more confidently to a group of people and I am absolutely falling in love with my authentic self. I see myself how God sees me and this journey through life has become more enjoyable and I am honored to be here.” – Shantell M.




And what can we say about Malane!!! One word: Fabulous!!! Honey… you’re strong… real strong… so just keep on pushing!! Don’t stop… don’t slow down. For sure, you’ve have the right spirit!!! I’m preaching to the choir… but don’t you ever stop!!!” – John R.

Note: This testimonial was given at the Wellness Event in Charlotte, NC where Malane Shani was the Mistress of Ceremony.





“When I started working with Malane I was struggling with my family relationships and my career. Malane helped me to recognize my power to transform my life by transforming myself. Her strength and support has given me the courage to break old patterns which were holding me back and to upgrade the quality of my relationships, career and lifestyle. Thank you Malane! I don’t know where I would be without you.” – Sandy F.





 The Pryce Family is a shining example that healing can take place when there is desire to change and an open and willing spirit. They experienced healing discoveries and released and let go of old cycles and patterns during their empowerment week with Malane Shani, International Life/Relationship Coach and Holistic Practitioner. During this week Malane Shani facilitated 3 interactive workshops and 14 powerful breakthrough sessions with each family member, and the aftereffects were astounding!  As a result this beautiful family can now move forward in the world and illuminate the light of joy, abundance, love and peace to everyone they meet.  They are indeed a force to be reckoned with.  Congratulations Pryce family, you are truly one of a kind!!!



    Pryce Family Testimonials

You are a God send to us.  I am blessed and my family is blessed. May life continue to be that light that shines on you.” – Mama Pryce

“This is one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had.  The tools you imparted to me have freed me and allowed me to walk into my truth.  Life is just so much easier.  I now move with the flow of life. Thank you so very much.”  – Andrea


“What a powerful and wonderful woman. My life has been altered.  “Do it in fear” will be with me along my life.  Thank you for helping my family.” – Suzette

“Wow!! what a great experience. Thank you for helping me walk in my truth. Thank you for helping me break the chains and to be myself. Love, Diane.” – Diane

“Thank you so much for helping me to embrace and discover my real self.  Even though it hasn’t been a long time since we have been talking I can feel myself changing and becoming more accepting of who I really am.  It’s only been a few hours but I can feel myself being less afraid and I am facing my fears.  I even feel closer to my family especially my sister, mother and brother.  Thank you so much.  I really needed this.” – Kemaya


“Malane I want to express my deepest heartfelt appreciation towards you for all your help, services and advice that you have given me thus far, for my spiritual healing.  Before I met you I was deeply depressed, fearful, feeling unworthy and confused in life.  Now I am in the right frame of mind because I am freed from all those insecurities and my life is back on the path that God ordained it to be.  Thanks to your counsel and much needed guidance, I was able to get my life back on track.  Now I remain in the right spirit and I am not depressed anymore.  There have been many improvements in my life journey and that is because of the work I have done with you.  Thanks a lot for being so patient, understanding and kind to me while I go through my process of healing.  I really needed it. My wish for you is for God to continue to bless and keep you while you go on your long prosperous mission to change other people’s lives as you did mine and my family.” – Stephanie


“My life has been changed from loneliness, fear, doubt, anger and pain.  God has sent an angel to uncover all the pain.  I can honestly say this messenger Malane Shani is in tune with God.  Now I am full of love and ready to do what God wanted me to do.  So much to say so overwhelmed.  God bless you Malane always.” – Dezrine

“I feel lighter and happier.  I can see my family laughing and getting closer and loving each other more.  I know I didn’t open up in my session but today I feel like you can see right through me.  Thank you for helping my mom open up so she could tell me how she really feels and for helping all of my aunts come clean.  Thank you.” – Imani

“This week took me on a powerful journey.  I entered with no expectations and a lot of doors were opened and much was relieved. I ended this experience seeing myself for the first time and stood in my truth and light. I was finally able to lay my burdens down. Thank you.” – Sandy


“Truly amazing experience! I came in with an open mind not quite sure what to expect or what I really wanted.  But after meeting with Malane she assisted me in shedding light on the person I truly am. I found a new source of inspiration, that I know will benefit me throughout my life.  Malane I am so grateful to have the opportunity to meet you. You are a blessing. God is doing his work through you to help others.” – Jennifer


“Thank you Malane for coming and changing my life. You are truly a gift from God. Your exercises have set me free and on a path for spiritual and personal growth. Before this weekend I felt like I was stagnant just as a lake. Now I feel like my life has opened up and I am moving like a river. I feel blessed to have you in my life and am truly grateful for this experience.” – Stacy


“Entering this experience, I did not know what to expect.  I knew I wanted overall growth and to better my health.  I received that plus more.  Malane digs deep! She allows you to express what you “think your issue is, opens your eyes to the true core of the issue and provides guidance towards bettering the outcome.  My one-on-one session with Malane was very beneficial.  She allowed me to know what was affecting me and now I am able to know and love my authentic self.  Her guidance and choosing to go down the right path provides me with a sense of freedom. All I can say is Malane is amazing! I am truly blessed she was able to help me.” – Simone


“The program that you presented to me is in my estimation one of the best things experienced in the last decade.  It is heart rending and extremely valuable to me.  You have provided me with the tools to move forward with confidence and for this I am eternally grateful.  Thank you again for this blessing and please rest assured that I will be broadcasting this for a while.” – Louis

To begin your journey to freedom and self discovery, schedule your private consultation with Malane Shani. If you would like to host your own Family and/or Friends Empowerment Week in your city with Malane Shani, please contact Malane at malaneshani@gmail.com.